Orthopedic Software

An EHR software solution that's built to boost your process, not cripple it.

Tired of a convoluted practice management routine that can't meet the unique needs of your Orthopedic/Sports Medicine practice? With Meditab's specialty-specific EHR, you'll have the tools you need to manage the treatment for conditions ranging from neuropathy and limb injuries to knee injuries and cervical disorders.

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See more patients, generate more revenue.

With built-in functionalities specifically designed for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, you'll have easy access to essential historical information, diagnostics and care plans. We work closely with professionals in your field to equip our EHR with specialty-specific templates that help you document conditions and symptoms quickly and accurately – giving you more time to treat more patients and maximize your income.

  • Document worker's compensation injuries.
  • Create an encyclopedic yet concise careplan with illustrations.
  • Visualize your cash flow and track your financial performance.
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Expedite your front desk tasks and increase patient satisfaction.

Do scheduling conflicts, no-shows and paper records slow you down? No patient should have to wait for the care they deserve, thus, we've designed an intuitive scheduling module that helps you manage and accelerate your patient cycle on a single screen. Your staff will no longer have to waste time trying to locate a patient's chart among stacks of paper, and they will have more time for prompt and straightforward patient care.

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About Orthopedics/Sports Medicine EHR Software

The Intelligent Medical Software EHR platform features easy Orthopedics/Sports device integration and is designed to seamlessly integrate your in-office equipment with our software technology.

  • Physical Exams
  • Ankle and Foot Disorders
  • Ankle and Foot Follow-up
  • Ankle and Foot Injury
  • Ankle and Foot Procedures/Post-Op
  • Knee Disorder
  • Knee Injury
  • Lower Leg Injury
  • PT Cervical Spine
  • Cervical Disorders/Symptoms
  • Cervical Procedures and Post-Op
  • PT Lumbar Spine
  • PT Shoulder
  • PT Wrist
  • Lumbosacral Disorders and Symptoms
  • Lumbosacral Post-Op
  • Elbow Disorders and Symptoms
  • Elbow Injury
  • Elbow Post-Op
  • Hand Disorders and Symptoms
  • Hand Injury
  • Hand Procedures and Follow-up
  • Neuropathy
  • Shoulder Disorders and Symptoms
  • Shoulder Injury
  • Shoulder Procedures and Post-Op
  • Wrist-Forearm Disorders and Symptoms
  • Wrist-Forearm Injurie
  • Wrist-Forearm Procedures and Post-Op
  • Use the built-in drawing tools to circle, check, or hand-write notes
  • Access a variety of charts or scan in your own
  • Referral Management tools
  • Flexible charting styles
  • OrderPlus - E-prescribing & electronic lab orders/results
  • E&M coding assistance
  • Document and Image Management
  • Tablet PC enabled, voice, stylus, mouse or keyboard data entry
  • Mobile App device access
  • Integrated SuperBilling
  • Single database for EHR and Practice Management
  • Scalable solution fits practices of all sizes
  • Local professional implementation, training, and support services
  • ICD-10 Compliant
  • Client-server or cloud-based delivery models
  • Save time and increase accuracy in the Visit Note by pairing notes with visual documentation using annotations
  • Easily access patient information with a single click across all Intelligent Medical Software applications
  • Quickly access comprehensive patient information
  • Communicate key information better and with more accuracy
  • Enhance the quality of care already being provided and better manage risk
  • Share information quickly and securely
  • Virtually eliminate the paper clutter and free up file storage space for productive use
  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Reduce office expenses related to chart creation and paper document printing

Awards & Accolades

We are extremely proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This Quality Management Certificate reinforces the fact that our products and services meet the high expectations of our customers.

Customized to your needs and specialty.

Designed by physicians for physicians, Meditab's EHR software provides the tools, templates and workflow automation necessary to streamline patient management in a variety of specialties from Allergy to Pain Management.