Offsite Data Backup Services

Back up your patient's data and have peace of mind.

Secure patient information to avoid risking your patient's privacy with Meditab's offsite data backup. This data backup service is an online, automated backup and disaster-recovery service that's well-suited for the demands of your practice.

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Simple, Secure, Powerful.

We understand that storing important information is as crucial as taking care of your patient's health. That's why our Offsite Data Backup service offers nightly backups to our secure and remote servers and save you from the hassle of doing manual backup.

Just like other offsite data backup service… but better.

  • Email confirmation of verified nightly backups
  • Recover data from local disaster or data corruption with ease
  • Faster recovery times
  • Guaranteed no tapes, CDs or DVDs to buy which save you additional costs.
  • No third party software to buy or annual renewals

Great features that give you confidence:

  • Advanced File Versioning for Any-point-in-time Recovery Retrieve files easily at any point in time as multiple versions of the same file are stored
  • Automated Email Confirmations Automated emails are sent after every completed backup
  • Extreme File Compression (Up to 90%) Reduce storage costs as our revolutionary compression system can shrink the file sizes of your stored data without compromising data integrity
  • Bit Level Backup With our amazing bit level technology, you can maximize your daily backup speeds and minimize bandwidth usage.
  • Continuous and Perpetual Backup Files are stored as you avail of the service, and new files are backed up for every activity.
  • Maximum Security Multiple levels of encryption to help with compliance—choose up to AES 256-bit.

Your vital data is safe and secured with us.