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We understand the importance in supporting a practice locally, in your community, and being committed to your success.

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We understand the importance in supporting a practice locally, in your community, and being committed to your success. Our Meditab Authorized Partners do just that. Our program allows certified, experienced companies to sell, train and support Meditab solutions. It's designed to give customers the ability to work directly with a preferred, single-source, local business - one with whom they can develop a strong ongoing relationship.

The success of the IMS product is centered around the success of its partner network amplifying our dedication to make the program the best of its kind. Meditab provides comprehensive product training, certification and support services to ensure our partners' success in selling and implementing our products.

One common characteristic between Meditab and our Partners is our mutual commitment to the success of our clients. Keeping our clients happy is priority one. Meditab Authorized Partners are incented to give personal service and support, which they do very well. Many partners also provide on-site technology support or sales of supplies, hardware and software related to the operation of a medical office.

Our Meditab Authorized Partner program is divided into a number of distinct categories. It is possible to participate in more than one. Each level requires certification and training provided by our Meditab Product Specialists.

IMS Channel Associates: This is an entry-level category ideal for smaller healthcare related companies that do not wish to provide support or training of the Meditab Suite. Our IMS Channel Associates are incented to refer their clients to Meditab and will receive assistance with marketing, software demonstration, and outreach.

Meditab Authorized VAR: Our robust value added reseller category is our most popular. The VAR provides installation, project management, training, implementation, and support services to the IMS client in addition to their core services. As with a bonus, Meditab supports the VARs through co-marketing, assistance with specialty demos, ongoing training, and QA.

Meditab Authorized Specialty VAR: Meditab encourages those VARs with expertise in certain target specialties to certify as a Specialty VAR. In addition to focusing on a select specialty within a local or regional territory, the Specialty VAR will provide reimbursable support services to all IMS specialty prospects and clients by way of demonstration support and implementation quality assurance.

Meditab Authorized Hosting Partner: Our Hosting Partners are certified by Meditab to provide hosting services to IMS clients who opt for our SAAS Cloud environment. The Hosting Partner will undergo rigorous testing for information security, back-up and data recovery.

Meditab Authorized Billing Partner: With the increasing complexity of medical billing and the introduction of ICD 10, many physician practices are now looking to outsource their billing to expert reimbursement management specialists. A Meditab Authorized Billing Partner is tested and certified to provide RCM services to our client base.

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Awards & Accolades

We are extremely proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This Quality Management Certificate reinforces that our products and services meet the high expectations of our customers.