Evaluate, diagnose and treat patients wherever using IMS.

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The Next Natural Step for Modern Healthcare

New generations of patients are used to doing everything on their phones and computers - Why not see a doctor too?

Take advantage of the cost savings and convenience using Meditab's Televisit. It's fully integrated with IMS and helps physicians reach more patients than ever before. Expand the delivery of care you offer and thrive in a value-based treatment environment.

televisit health care information system

The New Cost Savings Tool

With televisit in IMS, your practice can accomplish its goals faster, cut out process inefficiencies, and reduce overhead expenses

Experience these benefits:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced no show rate and cancellations
  • Office efficiency
  • Better patient engagement

Televisit puts you and your patients into a seamless virtual clinic-visit experience.

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Improved Access Builds Patient Engagement

When patients have easy access to their care providers, they can remain engaged with their personal health care. No waiting in line means faster access to health care professionals, which allows patients to take a more active role in their treatment plans.

With Televisit, patients check themselves in from their personal device. Thus freeing administrative personnel to efficiently work with patients, and in return, creating a better patient experience.

Take the next step

Telemedicine allows our office to provide easy and efficient follow-up visits to our patients. Providers can capture more patients whose available time frame does not always correspond with physician clinic time. Telemedicine visits offer a better ROI because they do not typically require additional staff for triage or check-in process. It becomes a win-win for the patient, there's less time investment needed to follow up with a physician and the provider, and fewer staff are needed to perform the follow-up discussion.

Sherri Aaron, Computer Operations & Data Manager.

Alabama Allergy & Asthma Clinic