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Manage your practice effortlessly with our all-in-one PM/EHR Software solution.

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Streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and increase ROI.

Running a successful practice involves managing various aspects—from the nitty-gritty of daily operations to the intricacies of patient care and it can be difficult to handle things simultaneously. With Meditab’s Practice Management solution integrated in our EHR system, we give you tools to support your daily operations and meet the growing demands of your clinic.

Why choose Meditab’s IMS?

It provides you tools such as the centralized appointment manager, real-time patient and insurance tracker, as well as comprehensive reports.

  • Scheduler
  • Authorizations & referrals
  • My Tasks
  • Self-service check-in/check-out kiosks
no device screen management scheduler management referral practice management task check in check out kiosk

Integrate our PM software solution into your practice and enjoy these additional top features:

  • Manage multiple office locations
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Patient tracking
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Letters and forms
  • Electronic claim submission to our partner clearing houses
  • Electronic remittance advice processing
  • Copay collection during check in or check out
  • e-faxing
  • Operational, financial, and analytical reports
  • Accounts receivable and collections module
  • Paper and electronic patient statements
  • Claims scrubbing

Easy, intuitive, and right for your practice

Created by team of physicians, our Practice Management software is easy to use, easy to learn and adapts to the way you work without compromising efficiency. It covers both the administrative and financial processes of your practice so you can focus more on delivering quality care to your patients while increasing your bottom line.

Want to know how our Practice Management software
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I have found Meditab to be a reliable, competent and professional service provider. Their staff is proactive, has a keen focus on customer service and strives to support their client's business needs as a trusted partner.

Arun DeSouza, CISSP.

Mid Michigan Cardiologist