IMS payment processing services

Payment Processing Platform

Meditab offers reliable and convenient payment processing functionality in IMS and its associated applications. Our integration with OpenEdge enables fast and secure payment processes that are fully integrated with IMS.


Your Benefits

We know that your practice and your patients need a payment process that is easy, efficient, and secure. The payment processing functionality in IMS provides just that—OpenEdge’s one-step payment processing allows you to manage payments easily, transact conveniently, and maintain patient satisfaction by providing payment flexibility.

Your Patients’ Benefits

Your patients require flexible and convenient ways to pay for their visits. OpenEdge helps remove payment barriers, making it easier for your patients to pay anytime, anywhere. The comprehensive payment processing capabilities of OpenEdge provide a more secure, more convenient transaction experience for your patients. Enjoy a wider range of payment features such as EMV processing, Card on File in IMS and associated applications, integration with the Insurance Payment Posting screen, and a lot more.

Experience these benefits:

Reduce your operational costs.

Producing and mailing paper copies of patient bills can be expensive and should be a thing of the past. If the rest of your practice is paperless, your patient’s payment process should be as well.

Lower the rate of delinquent payments.

Your patients can easily pay online through IMS CarePortal and IMS Patient App from anywhere, or through IMS OnArrival during auto check-in in the clinic. This helps reduce the number of uncollectible accounts and delinquent payments.

Increase patient satisfaction.

Your patients will have options when it comes to how they would like to pay. They will be able to choose the payment method that is the most convenient and secure for them.

Learn more about the benefits of OpenEdge and how it can help you streamline patient payments.

I have found Meditab to be a reliable, competent and professional service provider. Their staff is proactive, has a keen focus on customer service and strives to support their client's business needs as a trusted partner.

Arun DeSouza, CISSP.

Mid Michigan Cardiologist