IMS OnArrival

Introducing the convenient auto check-in application. Available on any Android tablet!

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Improve clinic workflow and foster patient engagement.

Automate your check-in process and enable your patients to check-in, fill out and sign forms, view payment details and much more! With IMS OnArrival, your clinic can run smoothly and provide faster, better healthcare delivery like never before.

ims onarrival

Simple, Fast and Convenient

With a number of easy-to-use self-service features offered by IMS OnArrival there’s no need for your patients to wait in line at the front desk. With just a few taps, your patients can complete the entire check-in process by themselves within five minutes.

fast convenient ims onarrival

With IMS OnArrival, your patients can:

  • View Appointments/Check-in
  • Update Demographics
  • Verify Insurance
  • Fill Out and Sign Forms
  • Select Spanish Language
  • View their list of appointments, and then check-in accordingly.
  • View Copayment
  • Auto Logout from the application after a few minutes of inactivity.
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