InTouch: Patient Engagement Tool

Boost Practice Efficiency with Optimized Communication

via text and/or email reminders

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Reduce your no-show rate, increase patient engagement.

Clear lines of communication set the groundwork for improving patient engagement. InTouch is an email and text messaging service that automates your communication with your patients. With InTouch, your administrative staff can send appointment reminders through the patient's preferred channel, reducing the risk of no-shows.

Focus on face-to-face

InTouch frees administrative staff to focus on face-to-face patient interactions and other critical work. Automated appointment reminders, real-time confirm/cancel responses and CarePortal integration optimize resource allocation at your practice-- saving you time and money.

With InTouch you can:

  • Send patient appointment reminders via SMS/email and receive real-time responses via IMS.
  • Send alerts to providers when patients check in.
  • Email alerts to patients when billing statements, notes and documents, and Lab results are available on CarePortal.
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Increase patient engagement, drive growth

By connecting with your patients before, during and after every appointment, you can help patients get more involved in their health care.

Other key benefits of using InTouch:

  • Send birthday greetings and announcements
  • Set a schedule or specific time range for sending emails
  • Use HTML letter templates to send emails for better content display. Templates are also available for milestone emails
  • Set IMS to send an email/SMS reminder according to the Visit Type selected when you schedule a patient
  • Track the emails that are sent via IMS
patient engagement drive growth

We are bridging the gap between your practice and your patients with InTouch -- to make your communication more seamless. See how InTouch can enhance your practice communication.

IMSGo allows us to access patient's information, doctor's schedule and patients appointments anytime. The doctors are liking the transcription features that allows them to dictate directly from their phones into the patient's notes.

Dr. Salas (SEP)

Surg Elite, PC