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Optimize your practice's prescription capacity with our technology.

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Automate your practice with a digitized prescription workflow in IMS.

IMS ePrescription offers a robust suite of tools that provide you with convenience and security in transmitting
medication orders to pharmacies.

Manage your patients better.

With a drug-checking feature that helps you make the best e-prescribing decisions for your patients, expect to receive alerts about known allergies, conflicting or duplicate medications, and suggested dosage.

Focus on what matters most.

We know how important it is for you to spend your time on patient care, so we've equipped our ePrescription module with automatic features that reduce the need for manual checking:

  • Verify the patient's records
  • Send an electronic prescription
  • View the refill requests in the fax and tasks windows
  • Track the status of an electronic prescription
  • Verify if a refill request matches the prescribed drug

Connectivity at its finest.

We've partnered with SureScripts to link you with more than 85% of the pharmacies in the entire United States.

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Speed up your clinic's prescription workflow while ensuring compliance and accountability.

Secure ordering system.

Certified by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), ONCHIT 2015, and Surescripts, IMS EPCS is equipped with security measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

With our HIPAA-certified EPCS module, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Identity proofing process through IMS Client Connect
  • Audit-ready with logs and reports
  • One-time password (OTP) token authentication mechanism

Seamless user experience.

With our EPCS feature already integrated in IMS, you can electronically write and transmit prescriptions for controlled substances without having to leave the software.

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Maximize prior authorization (PA) approvals with minimal effort!


Get a two-week process done in minutes. Through IMS ePA's real-time approval process, you can give your patients faster access to their prescriptions with little to no hassle.

Get more done using following IMS ePA features:

  • Track ePA statuses in real time.
  • Process PA requests at the time of prescribing.
  • Automatically check ePA requirements.


Manage your PA request directly from your EHR system. In partnership with CoverMyMed, IMS integrates ePA into your e-prescribing workflow and links your practice to a vast network of providers, pharmacies, payers, and life sciences.

ims ePA features

Drug Formulary

Boost your clinic's prescription workflow and optimize your practice's prescription capacity.

Navigate across the network.

With IMS Drug Formulary, you get access to a reliable selection of medications based on individual patient health care plans right from your IMS Prescription module.

ims Drug Formulary

Work smoothly.

Give your practice a more streamlined approach with the following IMS Drug Formulary features:

  • Eligibility - Check your patient's eligibility in real time.
  • Formulary - Identify the drugs that offer the best overall value.
  • Medical History - Easily access your patient's medication history.

Get some help with MU.

IMS Drug Formulary supports your Meaningful Use (MU) compliance for the e-prescribing measure.



Smart prescription decisions in a click of a button.

Information at your Convenience

By simply clicking the PDR button in the Prescription module, you can access a real-time view of a drug's important safety information as well as a link to more prescription information.

PhysicianCare, through PDR's vast reach in the healthcare industry, also offers the following features when prescribing in IMS:

  • See available discount coupons
  • View other drug information
  • Check patient-specific information about the drug
  • Keep track of the information for future reference

Fully Integrated in IMS

Integrated with the Prescription module of IMS, PhysicianCare gives you multichannel access to the prescription behavior of the drugs that you prescribe without having to leave your EHR software.

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Arun DeSouza, CISSP.

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