Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) & QPP

Comprehensive. Convenient.

To maximize incentive payments and avoid losing money, your practice needs an EHR software with a QPP management solution and a dedicated team of attestation experts to help you out.

The good news is, Meditab got both!

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We have the tools.

Meditab's Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is prepared to handle the new framework of MACRA/MIPS so you will successfully transition toward value-based care.

Unlike other EHRs, IMS supports all MIPS measures, so there's no limit to what goals you want to set for your practice. With features designed specifically for QPP, IMS is your perfect partner to achieving better clinical outcomes and having healthier patients.


QPP: Payment Management Software

MIPS Dashboard

With a straightforward and well designed dashboard like ours, tracking your performance in the Quality, Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activities categories of MIPS is absolutely hassle-free.

qpp dashboard

MIPS Reports

Easily generate MIPS reports, check your compliance status, check your current scores, and even see the performance of each provider in your clinic. The best part is you will do all of these on just one screen.

qpp dashboard

MIPS Measures Setup

With IMS, you will indicate how many measures (and specify which ones) you want to meet for each MIPS category.

qpp dashboard

We have the team.

We offer more than just a progress tracker and an incentive calculator. In addition to our powerful QPP-specific tools, we have a dedicated QPP specialist assigned to assist you all throughout the reporting period.

We've got you covered from start to finish, and here's how our QPP team does it:

ship wheel
We'll notify to let you know once you are eligible to participate in QPPs such as MIPS.
Assistance in determining which measures to meet.
We help you choose which MIPS measures you will best follow based on your current clinic workflow. With our team, you will have the best chance of reaching your goals while avoiding clinic flow disruptions.
IMS setup and customization.
With our team's expertise in IMS implementation, we will set up, map, and customize the software to automate your compliance process.
Training and feedback.
Not only will we train you and your staff on how to use IMS, we will also run regular checkings to see how you are doing. We will go over your progress and provide tips on how you will get higher scores.
Assistance with validation and submission.
Our job doesn't stop when you get high scores. We will take care of running your practice data by CMS for validation. Once validated, we will even submit them through the CMS portal on your behalf.
Support during auditing.
Should CMS decide to audit your practice? Our team offers full support in providing the necessary documents to validate your report.

To know more about how Meditab can help turn MACRA into an opportunity for success,
call one of our experts at 1-844-4 Meditab, email or visit MIPS

Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

  • Quality

  • PI

  • IA

  • Cost

45% Quality

25% Promoting Interoperability

15% Clinical practice improvement activities

15% Resource Use

MIPS 2020

MIPS eligible clinicians are required to participate and submit their data to avoid -9% of payment adjustment.

2020 Performance Flexibility

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians can file for exceptions and use the Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances policy to allow clinicians, groups, and virtual groups to submit application requisitions of one or more MIPS performance categories.

QPP Exceptions

Quality Measures.

For the 2020 performance year, the Quality Performance Category will be worth 45% of your final score. Eligible Clinicians (ECs) must select 6 individual measures of which 1 must be an outcome measure or a high priority measure.

  • If less than 6 measures apply, then ECs will report on each applicable measure. Eligible Clinicians may also select a specialty specific of measures
  • Small practice bonus of 6 points for MIPS eligible clinicians in small practices who submit data on at least 1 quality measure. A small practice is defined as 15 or fewer eligible clinicians
  • You can also receive up to 10 additional percentage points based on your improvement in the Quality performance category from the previous year.

2020 performance year requires a 70% data completeness threshold

  • Measures that do not meet the data completeness criteria earn 1 point. Small practices continue to receive 3 points
  • Updated the definition of high priority measures to include opioid related measures.

Review the available Quality measures here.

Promoting Interoperability (PI) Measures.

CMS has eliminated the base and performance scoring previously use and went to a New performance-based scoring with four objectives and a maximum of 100 category points.

The four Objectives are:

1. e-Prescribing (with 1 bonus measures) (10 points)

  • Query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) (5 bonus points)

2. Health Information Exchange which has two parts. (40 points total)

  • Support Electronic Referral Loops by sending Health Information (20 points)
  • Support Electronic Referral Loops by receiving ad incorporating Health Information (20 points)

3. Provider to Patient Exchange (40 points)

  • Provide Patients Electronic Access to their Health Information (40 points)

4. Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange (10 points)

  • Immunization Registry Reporting
  • Electronic Case Reporting
  • Public Health Registry Reporting
  • Clinical Data Registry Reporting
  • Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

Review the Promoting Interoperability measures here.

Objective Measures Maximum Points Numerator / Denominator Performance Rate Score
E-Prescribing E-Prescribing 10 points 200/250 80% 10 x 0.8 = 8 points
Health Information Exchange Support Electronic Referrals Loop by Sending Health Information 20 points 135/185 73% 10 x 0.73 = 15 points
Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information 20 points
Provider to Patient Exchange Provide Patients Electronic Access to their Health Information 40 points 350/500 70% 40 x 0.70 = 28 points
Public Health and Clinical Data Exchang Immunization Registry Public Health Registry reporting 10 points Yes/Yes N/A 10 points
Total 78 points will equal 19 performance points

Improvement Activities (IA) Measures.

For the 2020 reporting, to satisfy this category, ECs can either: attest to completing up to 4 medium-weighted activities or attest to 2 high-weighted activities or attest to 1 high-weighted and 2 medium-weighted activities for a minimum of 90 days. High weighted-activities receive 20 points and medium-weighted activities receive 10 points.

Clinicians with special statuses will receive double points for each high-weighted or medium-weighted activity submitted. They include:

  • Small practice
  • HPSA providers
  • Non-patient Facing
  • Rural

Practices that are certified patient-centered medical home (PCMH) will earn the maximum Improvement Activity performance category.

For group reporting, 50% of the clinicians in the group need to attest in performing the same activity during the 90-day period.

CMS also added a new high-weighted activity, COVID-19 Clinical Trials.

Review the available Improvement Activities here.

Cost Performance Category.

The Quality MIPS performance category will count for 15% of the total CPS for the 2020 performance period. The 2022 payment adjustment period will be based on your data submitted during the 2020 reporting period.

Cost Measure Case Minimums

  • Case minimum of 20 for Total per Capita Cost measure and 35 for MSPB
  • Case minimum of 20 for acute inpatient medical condition episodes
  • Case minimum of 10 for procedural episodes

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MIPS Performance Periods by Category


Promoting Interoperability

Improvement Activities


12 months 90 days 90 days 12 months

The size of your payment will depend both on how much data you submit and your performance results.

For more information, please visit this website:

Reporting Deadlines

  • Report between January 1 and October 3, 2020 for your 90-day reporting.
  • Report between January 1 and December 31, 2020 for your 1 whole year reporting.
  • Submission Period January 1 to March 31, 2021
  • Performance data is due by March 31, 2021.

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MIPS success made possible.

Select the MIPS package that works best for you.

Plus Package

All Categories 1 Year

  • Assist clients in choosing Quality measures applicable to their practice (at least 6).
  • Education/Training on how to achieve all categories.
  • Attestation for IA.
  • Attestation for PI.
  • Data submission for Quality.

Standard Package Quality and IA

Reporting for 2020 (365 days)

  • Assist client in choosing Quality measures applicable to their practice (at least 6)
  • Education/Training on how to report the chosen measures
  • Data validation for Quality measures
  • Attestation for IA
  • Data submission for the Quality measures

Standard Package Quality and PI

Reporting for 2020 (365 days)

  • Assist client in choosing Quality measures applicable to their practice (at least 6)
  • Education/Training on how to report chosen measures
  • Attestation for PI
  • Data submission for Quality

Standard Package PI and IA

Reporting for 2020 (90 - 365 days)

  • Assist client in setup of PI and IA measures applicable to their practice
  • Education/Training on how to report the chosen measures
  • Attestation for IA
  • Attestation for PI

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What Our Clients Say.

  • Dr. Aarti Kapur of Alamance Regional Medical Center

    "To PQRS team, I really appreciate you helping me in getting the right measures. Thank you so much, you've been incredibly helpful and I do appreciate it."

  • Dr. Becky Buelow of Allergy Care (Wisconsin)

    "Well, we're so glad to have your team, you're so easy to work with, we both enjoy working with you, and you're all very knowledgeable. Thank you for your help today."

  • Ranjan Patel, Administrator at Heartland Cardiology

    "The IMS team that has helped our practice the past few years with PQRS. We feel that this team assigned to our practice has been of such importance to us in getting all of the measures completed prior to the deadlines. They have helped us understand the measures for PQRS and pick and choose which measures are of importance to our practice in the reporting to Medicare. We surely would not have been able to complete this task of getting through PQRS with out all of their help."

  • Jatinder Dhaliwal, Office Manager of Gastroenterology Consultants of Polk County

    "You guys are all great as a team. I have known you for years now and never had a problem. Thank you so much for all your help and services."

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