More Than Just an EHR Company

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Meditab has helped many practices attain success. When you choose Meditab, you choose more than just an EHR company—you choose technology that excels, a partner that listens, and people you can trust.

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Our Mission

To create the most advanced, intuitive technology solutions that enable healthcare providers to focus on
more important things: their practice and their patients.

Empowering providers with innovative healthcare solutions.

Our team understands that practices come in all shapes and sizes, and that they need technology that responds to their unique needs. That's why we strive to create the most adaptable and user-friendly suite of solutions that adapt to your workflow. Our unequaled, forward-thinking strategies allow us to meet new challenges one step ahead of the competition and launch products that are derived from innovative collaborations and backed by exceptional support.

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Meditab Team

Established at the advent of the healthcare IT revolution.

Meditab was founded in 1998 and has grown to be one of today's leading software solutions providers in the healthcare industry. In the year 2000, we launched our flagship EHR software called Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). Then in 2003, we followed it up with Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS), our software solution for pharmacies. With this momentum and organic growth, we were able to release more products such as AllergyEHR, IMS CarePortal, Cosmetisuite and IMSGo. Since its inception, Meditab has been expanding its operations to stay ahead of the industry's demands and deliver solutions before needs become issues.

The power to empower.

With Meditab, you're in good hands. With an expansive, multinational footprint, our family of business analysts, developers, implementers, project managers, trainers and support staff (among others) are immersed and highly trained in the US healthcare system. We believe in the power of collaboration, so we work hand in hand with the best specialists in the industry to build unique solutions that run as if they're made exclusively for you, by you.

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Why choose Meditab?

Meditab offers much more than just the technology you need to efficiently manage your practice. We offer a unique, all-inclusive experience that gives you all that you need now, and all that you will need in the future. From Practice Management to Mobile Apps, and Telemedicine to Compliance, we design everything with patient engagement in mind so that your patients can maintain an active role in their healthcare.

What makes us different.

We're not just another EHR company. Our goal is to be a proactive partner and a personal support system that consistently helps you make the most out of your profession. With Meditab, you can rely on a familiar, human and straightforward companion that provides you and your patients with the means to experience healthcare better. From your first call, to going live and beyond, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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MedPharm Services

About MedPharm Services

Meditab Software Inc. is an affiliate of MedPharm Services, a leading health services organization that helps medical practices, pharmacies and outpatient clinics optimize their business operations.